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Messenger for Desktop 1

Facebook IIM site, very easy to access the phone browser or through the official application, using them as a desktop client, as always, can be a bit difficult. Messenger desktop has to solve this problem (this application is official, though lotutakoFacebook from) in any way.

Facebook Chat without opening

Messenger Desktop – Official Messaging Service Facebooks a client that allows you to use your computer without having to be a social networking povezanna(Sign with the customer, though of course).

Chat, labels, and voice and video calls, Facebook Messenger for mobile applications with the same capabilities. What makes it more interesting, you get a notification on the bar, and the application is minimized.

If you regularly use the chat site on Facebook Balkanac have no problems using the Messenger desktop. Most options have the same icons potpunoisto city, while everyone else can easilyidentified.

Bidalipantaila all messages

Using the Cookies option one of the problems with a small window that will appear on the Internet. Which can be expanded by clicking on one of the conversations, but this is a little inconvenient and cause to close daitezkeFitxa browser.

Desktop Messenger to solve this problem, the screen size that suits your needs, like the ilipromenite window you can talk to. This option is very useful for you to talk to and if you wantDo it discreetly.

The NoizOpen Messenger desktop and session, toImported from your profile on Facebook, so you can immediately start the conversation. The only solution you may need or to choose whether to disable this message.

As for design, the Messenger desktop interface is very similar to Facebook.

Good Facebook users for chatting on the Internet

Regular site visitors on Facebook Chat, Desktop Messenger on the street, on the right. Its errazaErabili, do not pigComputer memory and more discreetly open Facebook Chat (Messenger applications run as separate officials) without.

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