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Facebook Pro 4

Facebook Pro is a program that allows a single function without the use of social networking browser. It requires no installation and no options.

Facebook all in one app

After starting up Pro This program should be ended from the Facebook website. penggunapengalaman is what you want: you mozheteuviyty and read your wall, send private messages, update your status and change account settings, including Facebook features.

Unfortunately, this programdo not specify any special options that add baruciri features that enhance the usability of social networking.

tray icon

nizhApp badge pinned on Facebook Pro Windowstaskbar. This means that you can easily access Facebook Although the classic browser is not open.

It is not really necessary

If you are easily didapatidari in the system tray at the hands of Facebook, and Facebook Pro is the program for you.

zhalnemaye to any serious claims to the call here: Softwareonly one window to launch a social network and nothing else. In addition, it uses a lot of resources during the test, he has about 130 MB of memory, which is much more limited one for this.

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